What you can do to support earth element

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What you can do to support earth element
Written By: Dr. Tatyana ~ 9/6/2021

BlogPost_SupportEarthElement09062021.jpgDiet: Avoid damp cold food such as ice cream as it can put a burden on the spleen that prefers warm, dry conditions. Eat breakfast between 7-9am which is stomach time according to the Qi clock. From 9-11am is spleen time. Some gentle activity is ok but as the spleen converts food to Qi, try to take it easy so you do not disrupt digestion. Avoid processed sugar while enjoying the natural balance of sweetness from the earth with foods like apples, carrots, dates, and sweet potatoes.

Release Worry-Patterns: The spleen houses the intellect and is responsible for thought but can be weighed down by overthinking. This will slow its ability to transform our food. We can all think of times when worry led to unpleasant digestive experiences. So, find ways to shift patterns of over-thinking and worry.

Yellow: Stimulate earth energy with its color and brighten up someone’s day by wearing more yellow. Notice the yellow colors in nature, stop and absorb their frequency. And eat yellow foods: bananas, yellow peppers, lemons etc.

Grounding exercise: You know what to do. Connect direct! Get those bare feet on the ground, hug the trees!

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Transition from Summer to Fall with the Earth Element
Written By: Dr. Tatyana ~ 8/23/2021


We all are very familiar with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter but why does Chinese medicine include a fifth season and where does it fit on the calendar? According to TCM theory, the fifth season is that important time between the seasons, where we ‘return to center’ so we can ‘pivot’. About 2-3 weeks before the beginning of each season is a time of transition.

Each season correlates with an “elemental energy.” Spring belongs to the wood element, Summer to fire, Fall to metal and Winter to water. The transitional time between the seasons rightfully belongs to the earth element as this is the time when the seasonally dominant energy returns to the earth to be transformed into the next seasonal energy.

The Earth Element is generated and managed in the body by the spleen, pancreas, and stomach. These organs are in the business of metamorphosis. As digestive organs (according to TCM), they transport and transform the food we eat into nutrition to build our blood and nourish our cells. The spleen governs the muscles and is important in the free movement of the body. The associated orifice is the mouth and spleen Qi manifests in the lips. The Spleen is also known for housing the intellect (yi) and is involved with the thinking aspect of spirit. The color of the earth element is yellow, and the taste is sweet. The Chinese Lunar Calendar sets the start of the seasons earlier than our Gregorian calendar, so if we are following the seasons according to Chinese medicine, we can anticipate the start of Fall this year around Aug 7th. The period about 18 days prior to that date (beginning around mid-July) is called late summer, and this is the time to pay special attention to the energy of transition. The benefit of nourishing our earth element during this time is to gain balance and stability for periods of change. The earth element represents our wide center stance from which we can safely assess the next move (picture the slow smooth movements of tai chi). The importance of core stability rings true whether we are talking about physical activity or more subtle energy dynamics.

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Important acupressure points to know during the summer season
Written By: Dr. Tatyana ~ 8/9/2021

We can think of the fire element as the energy correlated with consciousness and warmth (among other things). The fire element maintenance to keep it in balance just like a fire that must be fed but also controlled. During the summer months, the fire element is naturally nourished by sunshine, activity, community, and the joy of the season. But there are times when we can get overwhelmed by any of these in excess.


If you’re ever feeling over-heated, stressed or anxious use points Heart 8 (HT 8) and Pericardium 6 (PC 6).

To locate HT 8, make a loose fist and where your pinky tip touches your palm is the spot. Dig in gently to cool your jets.


BLOGPOST_AcupressureHT6_08092021.jpgPC 6 is a great point for anxiety, insomnia, stress and feeling like you just need to turn down the volume on life and get centered.

Make a fist, squeeze, and notice 2 tendons along the center of your forearm. You’ll find PC 6 about 3 finger spaces below the wrist crease, between those tendons. Fuel your fire this summer and let it burn but remember these points when you need a moment to simmer down.



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