Tips to overcome COVID-related fears and anxiety

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Tips to overcome COVID-related fears and anxiety
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 10/19/2020

 "We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”

No doubt we are all living in very challenging times. When safety, security, stability, and peace are in question, human beings’ natural defensive mechanism is on. Our emotions are natural expression translations of our subconscious mind and physiological body conditions. Here are some very simple tips you can use in your daily practice.

Limit news and social media time! You do not need to live in a complete bubble, but you can cut down time spent on such activities.

To ensure that everyone has access to information during these unprecedented times, many news outlets are offering free live streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic and frequently publishing news updates. The continuous updates in the news and on social media mean that people with OCD and/or anxiety might start checking the news excessively.

The American Psychological Association is advising that people who notice that they are checking the news more than usual set a limit for themselves. Defining a specific limit, such as reading the news only once per day, may help ease anxiety. I do not recommend starting and finishing your day with the news as it can stir up your emotions throughout the day and disturb your sleeping. Limiting the number of news outlets that people use to search for information is important as well. Stick to a few good sources of information and avoid expanding to other outlets.

Seek medical and professional support. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Consider using natural medicine, such as acupuncture and hypnotherapy, which is free of side effects and carries an incredible power to help overcome emotional problems. It takes about 5-10 treatments to improve your health. You can start feeling improvement after the first treatment. The acupuncture treatment needles send a signal to the brain and your body by producing endorphins and serotonin. This treatment also balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and helps your body achieve balance. The effect of hypnotherapy is based on the ability to bring clarity and calmness to your mind.

Practice self-compassion

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fears and stress for many people, including those who did not have a preexisting mental condition. It is a good idea to be mindful of any worsening OCD-related thoughts and behaviors and to consult a doctor or therapist if this occurs. Taking care of oneself can help people focus more on what they can control and less on the pandemic. It is highly recommended that people with anxiety continue to socialize with their family and friends. Physical distancing can make socializing difficult, but using video chat software can help prevent feelings of isolation.

Spend time with nature and animals

Nature’s power is endless. Walking on the beach, along a trail, or through a park can make you feel more grounded and relaxed. Animal energy is incredible and can heal you as well.

It takes about two to three treatments to help you feel better and ease the symptoms. It’s best to do acupuncture the same day of or the day following an immunization.

It’s always important to keep in mind that acupuncture is a great way to support your immune system, but it cannot serve as a substitute for immunizations.

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Time to Detox and Get Ready for Winter
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 10/5/2020

Detox combined with acupuncture helps control cravings, balance emotions, promote appropriate blood and lymphatic circulation, balance sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, improve sleep, enhance energy, regulate the intestinal functions, and support the liver.

It is a common practice to detox at least twice per year, during the fall and spring seasons, as it helps remove toxins stemming from stress, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. For example, a fall detox aims to prepare your digestive and respiratory system for the cold season and strengthen the immune system.

As a fall approaches, our taste changes, and the foods we eat change as well. We go from cold fresh fruits and vegetables to BLOGPOST_Detox.jpegwarmer and heartier meals. Completing a fall detox can help prepare your body for these changes and withdraw any toxins or build-ups created from the hot summer months.

Some signals your body gives off to let you know it is time for a detox include allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, acne or other skin issues, bad breath, bad circulation, headaches, bloating, and weight gain. If these symptoms are pronounced, the detox should be performed for two months. If you do it as preventative health, one month is enough. By doing detox with acupuncture, vitamin injections, and a supplemental support program, you will experience immediate improvements and benefits to your health.

A fall detox will also help to boost your immune system for the potential exposures to come, especially with kids going back to school. Typically, the fall detox focuses more on the lungs and intestines, which are important for the immune system.

Here are some general tips to help with your fall detox:

  • Eat primarily whole foods. We need to remove processed and refined foods from our diet and focus on clean eating. Avoid raw cold food. Soup is a good nourishing meal.
  • Focus on increasing water intake to flush out your systems. Slightly warm water enhanced with detox herbs will help.
  • Lower or reduce your stress levels through meditation, yoga, or some other form of exercise.
  • Taking appropriate supplements according to your health needs is very important. Consult with a healthcare practitioner for advice on how to choose the right supplements.
  • Exercise!!! A daily exercise routine is necessary for healthy functioning heart, lungs, and the whole body.

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Boost your Lung Health with Acupuncture
Written By: Dr. Tatyana Johnson ~ 9/21/2020

As both wildfires and COVID-19 continue to rage on, it is critical to support your lungs’ health.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), each season represents an organ. The fall season relates to the lungs and large intestine meridians, both of which play a role in immune system support. As fall is knocking at our door, it is necessary to start focusing on the health of your lungs and large intestine. One effective and safe way to do this is to receive regular acupuncture treatments. With no preexisting health conditions, one acupuncture session per week is enough to boost your lungs. For people who are suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis, or COPD as well as smokers or those who have recurrent cold and flu symptoms, it is critical to take care of themselves with preventative health steps to avoid further flare-ups and complications. Acupuncture sessions should take place no less than twice a week. Remember: One acupuncture treatment is not a treatment; it is a teaser. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, and you only benefit by committing to it!

In Chinese medicine, lungs are known as the “Prime Minister.” They control the breathing and oxygen distribution and assist the heart with the circulation of blood throughout the body. According to TCM, the lungs control the skin, which breathes through the opening and closing of the pores, helping to regulate body temperature. This mechanism also assists in protecting the body; when we perspire, we usually release toxins from the body. Fewer toxins will lead to protection from getting sick.

The lungs produce very special energy, which is called the Wei Qi (pronounced “way chee”). In Western medicine language, Wei Qi represents the immune system. Wei Qi creates a barrier that protects the body from external pathogens. When the Wei Qi is weak, the body’s ability to fight the infection is very low. Strong, healthy lungs provide the health for the whole body. Lung health can be weakened by pollution, smoking, and constant emotional stress. Emotions such as grief, sadness, and depression deplete the lung function.

Call our office to make an appointment and be prepared for strength throughout the season!


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